Team Wolfman with nice check. Spinner blade leading  the way to victory - Ghost Blades! Congratulations guys!

Check out our Spinner Blade Storage products!

  •  Light weight, precut durable foam with no moisture absorption, mildew, or mold
  •  Two different foam inserts - Wide Gap and Narrow Gap
  •  The Wide Gap foam insert is designed to hold
    • Colorado Blades in size 5, 6, & 8
    • Indiana Blades in size 6 or 8
    • Willowleaf Blades in size 5
  •  The Narrow Gap foam insert is designed to hold
    • Any style blade size 2 to size 8
  •  Inserts fit 
    • old style Plano 3700 with 2" rows, & Flambeau 5004
  •  All orders will be shipped via USPS
  •  International Orders require separate email billing for shipping
  •  Questions? Give us a call at 734-642-6076 or email us at
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