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Angler's Quest is proud to introduce another great storage product to the market for 2014. Check out our new Crawler Hawler Spinner Blade Box! The ultimate in spinner blade storage.
  photo CrawlerHawlerBladeBox_zps58e37bbc.pngKeep your blades organized and ready to go. Our polethylene foam inserts are available in two different styles  - wide gap (1/4"x 1" slots) or narrow gap (1/16"x1"slots). The wide gap cut foam insert is for the angler who has several of the same blades or using ghost blades (tm). The wide gap insert will hold 3 to 5 Colorado blade per slot in size 5, 6, or 8; Indiana blades in size 6 and 8; and Willowleaf blades in size 5. The wide gap insert was specifically designed for the storage of Ghost Blades.  The narrow gap insert is made to hold smaller blades from size 2 up to size 8. It is for the angler who has a varierty of blade styles and sizes. Both foam inserts have been designed to work with the Plano 2-3700 and Flambeau 5004 boxes. The foam inserts can be purchased individually or you can build your own box based on the Flambeau 5004 box. 


Angler's Quest
is proud to carry Dutch Fork Custom Lures
Ghost Blades (tm) in all 44 color patterns. Angler's Quest is the only online retailer to carry the full line of Dutch Fork Custom  Lures Ghost Blades. In 2013 Angler's Quest was the #1 Online Retailer in sales for Dutch Fork Custon Lures Ghost Blades!!! We are very proud of our achievement in 2013 and look forward to carrying more Ghost Blades from Dutch Fork Custom Lures in 2014!

Ghost Blades (tm)
are completely see-through plastic blade. You can see the bead pattern through the Ghost Blades and can change the complete look and color just by changing bead colors. This gives the angler the ability to change colors and shades in an instant.

Example: A chartruese colored Ghost B
lades with red beads will have an orange appearance, put blue beads behind a ghost blade and you have a greenish appearance. It is recommend using solid colored beads for best performance with Ghost Blades, and if you would like to add some flash using metallic beads.

With Dutch Fork Custom Lures patented design you are able to troll Ghost Blades at very slow speeds allowing your harness to stay in front of fish longer thus creating more strikes. When you speed up, the Ghost Blade will lift higher in the water column than traditional metal blade which will allow you to cover more of the water column and also stay out of snags by keeping the lightweight plastic blade above obstructions without worrying about slowing down and losing your rig.

• Ghost Blades are made from a very durable plastic polymer
Ghost Blades come in 7 sizes
Ghost Blades come in 3 styles
Ghost Blades are deep cupped for easy spinning
• Ghost Blades are painted with high quality paint and top coat
• Ghost Blades are made in USA
• Ghost Blades painted with fluorescent colors will glow like fiber optics at the blade edge 
• Ghost Blades work well on inactive fish
• Ghost Blades will not sink like metal blades
• Ghost Blades are half the weight of metal blades
• Patent Pending

Ghost Blades Sizes:
• #2 Deep Cup Colorado
(Available via custom email order. Please send email to with size and color pattern.)
• #3 Deep Cup Colorado
(Available via custom email order. Please send email to with size and color pattern.)
• #4 Deep Cup Colorado
#5 Deep Cup Colorado
• #6 Deep Cup Colorado
• #8 Colorado
• #5 Willow

Ghost Blades in custom colors available upon request! Minimum order of 48 Ghost Blades.
Email us at or give us a call at 734-642-6076. Thank you!

 Angler's Quest is proud to carry Dutch Fork Custom Lures "No Loss" Quik Change Clevis and Double "No Loss" Quik Change Clevis.


* If “S” bend gets bent simply pull outwards and place on opposite side of “L” bend

* NO BLADE LOSS SECURITY BEND - No loss feature with our patented “L” bend

Self-Centering “D” ring

Blade and wire “D” ring will automatically center itself; blade will spin at exact degree it was designed to spin for optimum performance.

One Piece Polymer sleeve

Dutch Fork Custom Lures patented double and triple barrel sleeve will accept up to 50-70 lb. test wire or monofilament

  • Smooth spinning
  • No line chaffing
  • Blades spin easier with less effort
  • Single blade clevis works with all sizes and style blades except Ghost Blades Deep Cup Colorado blades in sizes 2&3
  • Double blade clevis works with all metal blades and Ghost Blades in size 5, 6, and 8  Colorado blades.
  • Super quik on/ off feature (even for anglers with larger fingers)
  • Available with plastic sleeve.
  • Patent Pending
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